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Meet the Winos

We are delighted you visited our blog. Inspired by our ever growing love and appreciation for wine county, grape stomping and regular sipping, we look forward sharing our wine experiences with you.

Understand, we are not wine snobs. We are WINOS! 

As true Minnesotans, we can enjoy a glass of wine during both a frigged winter storm indoors or humid summer evening on the patio. Both Minnesota seasons (winter and summer - ha!) set a perfect stage for popping the cork on a new bottle of vino.

We are not breaking the budget on wine, but we are buying (and drinking) around 2-4 bottles of wine per week. The majority of our wine selections range between $8-20 per bottle. Typically we lean towards red wines. We may toss in a white or rose here and there to shake things up.

Sit back. Relax. Pour yourself a glass of wine and Happy Reading!

Vist the Winos site here

Upcoming Events Test

Wednesday, May 23rd from 3-6p.m.

What is heart smart, delicious, educational, and open to everyone 21 and older? Minnewaska Liquor’s wine tasting!

Come and talk with wine expert, Steve Holman, from Northland Wine. He’ll be here sampling various wines from Stillwater Minnesota’s very own, Northern Vineyards Winery. Established in 1977, Northern is Minnesota’s oldest winery.  

For more information, visit their web site at:

These are the wines that Steve will be sampling:

Oktoberfest dry white…$13.49 per bottle

Prairie Smoke dry white…$13.49 per bottle

Rivertown Red semi dry red…$13.49 per bottle

Prairie Rose Semi dry white…$8.99 per bottle

Main Street Red semi sweet red…$8.99 per bottle

Lady Slipper semi sweet blush…$8.99 per bottle

Stop in during his tasting and receive a 20% discount on any case buy.

Matty's Summer of Mixed Drinks:

If you haven’t had a Mint Julep, it’s time. Few cocktails are as simple, symbolic of summer, or so refreshing. First, muddle together about 10 mint leaves and a tablespoon of sugar. Then find your Jim Beam (any bourbon will do, but I prefer Beam). Fill a glass with ice and mix equal parts water and bourbon. Then, just shake and enjoy!

Party Planning Assistance:

So, what are you celebrating this summer? Perhaps there’s a graduation or family reunion on the calendar? How about a wedding? Or, if you’re like us, you celebrate every time it’s sunny and 85 degrees outside. Regardless of your event, stop by Minnewaska Liquor and talk with our knowledgeable staff. We’ll set you up with what you need to keep your friends and family hydrated.

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